Also known as the Ghosts, they are older Minds which seem to intervene when needed.  

  • Star Turn (Rock, First Era), name changed to End in Tears
  • No Fixed Abode (GSV, Sabbaticaler, ex Equator Class)
  • Tactical Grace (GCU, Escarpment Class)
  • Steely Glint (GSV, Plains Class)
  • Serious Callers Only (LSV, Tundra Class)
  •  Shoot Them Later (Eccentric, Culture Ulterior, AhForgetIt tendency)
  •  Anticipation Of A New Lover's Arrival, The (GSV, Plate Class)
  •  Different Tan (GCU, Mountain Class)
  •  Not Invented Here (MSV, Desert Class)
  •  Woetra (Orbital Hub, Schiparse-Oevyli system)
  •  Limivorous (GSV, Ocean Class)
  •  Full Refund (Homomdan ‘Empire’ Class Main Battle Unit [original name MBU 604], Convertcraft)